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Novel - I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot - I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 2396: More Sour Than a Lemon vacuous card

"You're obviously cool, don't refute it. Your classiness isn't as important as your climate."

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And from now on, he was doing this to her in public.

"Do you find yourself still ice cold?" Qiao Chen inquired gently as though he hadn't noticed the stares around him.

The kids were actually slow to respond and possibly didn't determine what Qiao Chen was carrying out.

In the past, he warded off her whenever he could.

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But now, Qiao Chen was the Younger Become an expert in on the Mo family.

She shook her mind. "No."

In earlier times, he prevented her whenever he could.


Was Qiao Chen striving to utilize a quilt to protect Shen Xin?

She wasn't chilly, to begin with.

Shortly, the waiter returned using a blanket.

Initially, he said ahead of absolutely everyone that he made it possible for her to pester him. He even stated that he didn't recognize her as he felt that he or she wasn't deserving of her.

Nevertheless the delicate young girls could already convey to so it was ambiguous.

Was it while he didn't want the young boys to gaze at her?

Consequently, they noticed that they definitely hated Shen Xin.

She wasn't frosty, firstly.

Initially, he said looking at anyone he permitted her to pester him. He even asserted that he didn't acknowledge her as he noticed he wasn't worth her.

Shen Xin was better than them in each and every aspect, and it wasn't easy so they can use Qiao Chen's accident to infiltration her. However, when Qiao Chen loved Shen Xin, how could they assault her?

Section 2396: Additional Sour Than the usual Lime

They were the ones who noticed the blow.

Was it while he didn't want the boys to look at her?

Though it was only a blanket, they wouldn't do that if it was actually a regular couple.

Though it was only a cover, they wouldn't accomplish this when it was actually a standard couple.

Shen Xin: ""

When his hands pa.s.sed through her curly hair and touched her neck area, Shen Xin stiffened.

What was Qiao Chen wanting to do?

She shook her mind. "No."

In the near future, the waiter returned by using a blanket.

Consequently, they felt he definitely detested Shen Xin.

Shen Xin: ""

Such delicate and thoughtful phrases, along with other individuals, even Shen Xin was obviously a little dazed.