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Novel - Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years - Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years

Chapter 7 able strip

“I understand.”

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The Beautiful Idol's Secret

He imagined he had found an Immortal World.

They didn't communicate around the way.




A line of words and phrases made an appearance ahead of Han Jue.

Beneath his ft was the teleportation growth, and before him was really a jewel step that led to town.

The area on the lessen highest was huge. Numerous cultivators can be witnessed traveling by air using their swords on the skies. There had been even various kinds of ferocious wild birds.


Many female cultivators peeped at him in the way on this page.

“That's the interior sect from the Jade Absolutely pure Sect. You could do objectives and accumulate your wage on this page. Also you can market in.”


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Two woman cultivators.

Han Jue brought up his eye brows and claimed, “Really? That's fantastic!”

When his cultivation possessed reached an extraordinary phase, he would be able to nurture a couple of buddies to try out with. Nonetheless, he wouldn't use his true emotions and thoughts. He would only enhance as well as them.



Town on the cheaper maximum was big. Several cultivators may be found soaring with their swords in the skies. There were even different kinds of ferocious wildlife.

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Lines of ideas appeared in front of Han Jue.

Han Jue complained on his mind and have become nervous.

Han Jue reported as part of his mind and have become worried.

Jade Relaxing Optimum is not existing close to its name! Will be the female disciples all so distressed?

Aliens or Americans?

Han Jue bowed.

He looked down and saw a massive gourd beneath his feet.

The area was found on a lower optimum compared to the adjoining eighteen mountain peaks. However, when Han Jue searched down from the teleportation creation, it had been just like a ten thousand-ft .-large cliff. Due to the clouds and mist, he couldn't understand the floor.

Shortly, they reached the palace challenging in the Jade Peaceful Peak and flew straight away to the key hall.

Han Jue quickly protected the bottom of his ft . with divine force to keep him self to the gourd's area.

The First Elder laughed heartily.

Han Jue complained on his brain and became tense.

The Lavish Elder smiled and mentioned, “Let's go. Observe me towards the inside sect. If you want to enroll in the inner sect, you have to get a master. There are actually eighteen peaks and eighteen missionary seniors inside the essential sect. If someone is fond of you, you may directly come to be an internal sect disciple. If not, you can actually only partic.i.p.consumed inside the outer sect compet.i.tion and endeavor to attain Cornerstone Establishment at the earliest opportunity.”