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The Perils Of Fast Food

As some of you may know, my mom was recently diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It's a frightening diagnosis, especially since my mother watched as her own grandmother slipped into blindness due to AMD.

Avoid adding onto the debt by paying for everything in cash. This is because they have the highest interest rates that quickly compounds into one large amount if even a single repayment is missed.

A typical gas furnace will be rated at about 80 percent efficiency when it is new and if it is installed properly. That percentage will lessen with each year's use. An 80-percent efficiency rating means that 80 percent of the gas used will provide heat and the other 20 percent goes up the flue. For example, look at your neighbor's gas flue on a cold winter morning and see the steam coming out.

On a purely intellectual basis, it's a real diversion of a high priced resource for me to be standing comparing desk sorters. On a physical basis, it's a high priority task. I've got too many different things I'm working on to shoehorn papers into a system that isn't exactly how I want it at hand.

I threw the hold all bag in the boot of our family car. It's a Toyota Chaser, a saloon car still good on its wheels. It still drives effortlessly on asphalt roads and that was our type of road all the way; from Chingola to Livingstone. Literally cutting Zambia in half. See the butterfly-shaped map of our magic country Zambia.

To complicate things, AMD comes in two forms: wet and dry. Wet AMD occurs when abnormal blood vessels behind the retina start to grow under the macula. These new blood vessels tend to be very fragile and often leak blood and fluid. The blood and fluid raise the macula from its normal place at the back of the eye. Damage to the macula - and the loss of central vision - often occurs very rapidly. An early symptom of wet AMD is that straight lines appear wavy. If you notice this condition or other changes to your vision, contact your eye care professional at once. You need a comprehensive dilated eye exam.

Do simple math, if your salary take home is $5000 and your current expenses including any debt payments are around $2000(including rent $1000). That means you are left with $3000 in your bank. If you are looking a house for which monthly payment will be $15 of 50 and after deducting from remaining balance you are left with $1000. Next deduct your property tax from $1000. Let's assume another $400 dollars (Property tax vary from state to state). You are left with $600. You still need to factor in home insurance, landscaping, misc. cost related to owning a home.

One of my long time mentors, Kendall SummerHawk has a saying: Focus on what puts you closest to the money. I love that phrase! And it reminds me constantly to refresh where I'm putting my attention, and to know why.

The lower the debt to income ratio the better as one can qualify for other loans when needed such as for a mortgage or one for college fees for the children. Even one does not plan to take a loan, it is good to keep a watch on DTI and to keep it low as an indicator of being in good financial form.