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Chapter 1619 - Expert's Appraisal glue popcorn

He looked over Li Yinzhu on his back, who obtained the look of a two-twelve months-ancient! He then converted his head once again, and checked out ‘Jiou Eryu’ ahead of him.

Adore between those of various events was often filled up with an eternity of hard work, yet still failed to value the beginning of any youngster.

Jiou Eryu shook his mind, and said, “Brother, you can’t overcome me. I am just a Sixth Level mage.”

Three of the perfectly matched up their product lines.

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Music Shuhang replied, “Hehehehe.”

He considered Li Yinzhu on his shoulder area, who acquired the appearance of a two-year or so-classic! He then turned his mind all over again, and investigated ‘Jiou Eryu’ ahead of him.

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The dark colored female in the section involuntarily required a handful of steps far from Tune Shuhang.

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Tune Shuhang coolly brought up his hands and fingers. The virtuous lamia and Fairy Formation increased do a similar, presenting Piece of music Shuhang a top several.

“…” Li Yinzhu.

“…” Li Yinzhu.

The 3 perfectly matched up their lines.

“!!!” Track Shuhang.

Like between those of several races was often packed with an entire life of hard work, but still failed to merit the delivery of a little one.

Jiou extended out his hand in soreness, and gotten to in the market to Tune Shuhang. “I~ Aaah~”

“…” Tune Shuhang.

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Jiou stretched out his palm in suffering, and achieved to Track Shuhang. “I~ Aaah~”

Track Shuhang transformed around calmly, providing his ice cold returning to Jiou. “Let’s go!”

“Excuse me, can you marry your minimal sibling if you ask me?” The male pract.i.tioner smiled a little bit. “Let me create me: I am just Jiou Eryu, a 6th Level mage. My genes are certainly decent, good enough to become a match up to your sister’s. If I am to be with her, we’ll have the capacity to cultivate a more perfect young sooner or later. Most of all, my tastes aren’t exactly like the ones from the ordinary people today with the Dark colored Dragon Entire world i think, white colored skin is gorgeous!”


One could only speculate which movie’s audiotrack it originated in.

His test out to find out if one other party was an ‘expert’ was rather simple and didn’t have numerous measures.

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Track Shuhang calmly claimed, “If you should wed Very little Yinzhu, you’ll have to recognize my examination.”


He took away unit and switched it on. One thing comparable to a text message had came out for the exhibit


At this point, the ‘magical energy top notch-up device’ in Melody Shuhang’s pants pocket created a seem.

Track Shuhang questioned, “What’s the issue?”

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But, a men cultivator with the Black colored Dragon Community rushed towards Track Shuhang from miles away.

If you can survive through this evaluation, it means that you’re a peerless skilled.

“???” Jiou.

Song Shuhang reacted, “Hehehehe.”

You truly named me ‘big brother’? Grandfather, are you not embarra.s.sed to get in touch with me like that?